Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Law of Attraction and . . . . . The Lottery ???

Please stick with me on this one, because the point I want to make is going to take a little bit to get there. There are several images of "The Lottery" in the movie The Secret. In my mind those images are just meant to convey the idea of a boat-load of money, but is the movie suggesting that The Lottery is a possible way that we might want to attract money?

Because the laws of mathematics are just as valid as the Law of Attraction, and the Lottery is mathematically designed for millions of people to play and only one to win the big jackpot. This is to say that by design, millions of people will play and lose at every drawing. Now I am not here to say that one person cannot attract the win, but I am here to say that if too many people start attracting the win, then the win will be watered down until it is not worth anything anymore, because the big jackpot is divided by the number of winners.

Let me tell a fictionalized version of a true story. There was a woman, we will call her Laura, who had come to a point where she had hit rock bottom in her life. Her father died suddenly, and her whole life was in turmoil. Little did she know, but our of her greatest despair would come the most wonderful blessing!

She had been introduced to a Great Secret, in the form of a 100 year old book. She grew excited about this and traced The Secret back through history. She could not believe that there were other people alive today that knew this Great Secret, but she was able to find and study them. Based on her studies, she became a very powerful attractor!

She then thought (and here is where the story moves into fiction), "I am a great attractor! I think I will try my hand at The Lottery!" Well sure enough she plays the Lottery and she wins! She wins the big jackpot! All hints of money troubles are over for the rest of her life, because she has also attracted being smart with her money.

Well she moves on with the knowledge that she can attract whatever she wants. She tries to tell all of her friends about this great gift, but she is not able to make them understand, and ultimately they all ascribe her great success to pure dumb luck. She lives happily ever after . . .

But we do not. All the great blessings of the movie and book The Secret never occur.

Because you see, in her focus on how to attract money, she did not also focus on providing any value. The Lottery is the world's number one way to attract money without providing any shred of value in return. Pyramid schemes, legal or illegal, are the number two way to attract money without providing any value in return.

But Laura does learn one important lesson that she could have never otherwise learned . . .

It is lonely at the top.

(Now for the truth of the story)

The truth is that this is not a fictional story, and our hero's name is Rhonda, not Laura. But Rhonda had a great desire to tell others about the great discoveries that she had made. She wanted to share the value that she had found for herself with others.

So instead of attracting a win at the Lottery, she instead took an extremely large risk. She hired a very skilled production company to help her make a movie, and she talked some of the world's foremost experts on the Law of Attraction to be interviewed for a movie at no payment. Millions of dollars where spent to make the production worth watching, and two farms were given away to pay for a teacher named Esther Hicks.

All of this was done with no guarentee whatsoever that anyone would ever buy the movie or be interested in it, or that the original TV station that they had an agreement with would ever air it. In fact the original TV station never did air it as they were supposed to.

But of course the rest of the story is history. The movie was a smashing success, it has inspired literally millions of people the world over, and ALL OF THIS because one person was looking for a way to share value that she had found in her own life with others.

OR NOT. She could have just played the Lottery and attracted the win. Lived happily ever after. The movie and the book The Secret go *poof* into nothingness. This entire Secrets of The Secret blog ceases to exist. The great Secret forum at disappears, along with any wisdom gained by anyone reading it.

So should we look to attract money without providing value in return?

Well its our decision. It's either:

1. Lonely at the top.

- or -

2. Unspeakable joy in every soul that we are able to help.

So decide already.



Andreia said...

what if you atract to win the lotery and, once you win, help lot's of people and organizations?

Joseph Wood said...

If you are the type of person who would use your money to help others, then please do not wait until you win the lottery to do it.

If you are not helping others now, why will things be any different because of a lottery win?


Andreia said...

I didn't said that I'm waiting to win the lottery to help others I just said that you can atract to win the lottery and yet help people... not just win it and that's it, hapily ever after...

Joseph Wood said...

I stand corrected. The other issue I have with the lottery though is that it seems a way to get rich through competition, not creation.

Wallace Wattles addresses these concepts in the book "The Science of Getting Rich".

Andreia said...

hummm.. I see.. I read that book too, but I think that only stands for competition if it's that what you think or feel... right? For example you can wish to win the lottery among with other people... so you can divide the prize... that's not competition... but I see your point. :)